About Lore

Lore is a website where you will explore various continents to find and capture mythological creatures. The creatures come from a variety of culture and myths, from Greek to aboriginal and more. Of those creatures you find, there are at least 3 color variations. Some other colors may be purchased for site currency in special shops, or may be contest prizes or special event perks.

Each continent has its own specially made map, consisting of over 2,000 explore points. Most of those are open ground of various environments where you can find beasts who live in that environment, but some are special shops. Finding those could allow you to buy items that give you an advantage when fighting or catching beasts.

The site is completely free to play and join. Unlike most other virtual pet sites, Lore doesn't have any form of cash currency and runs off of donations. We wanted to make a relaxed pet site that doesn't require constant clicking or dialy attention. We hope Lore is fun to play when you have the time too, but don't want to distract players from everyday life.

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  • 1,707 users (6 users active in past week)
  • 33 beasts (7,709 captured beasts)
  • 3–5 beast color variations
  • Opened for beta testing on Feb. 21, 2015
  • Opened to the public on Mar. 31, 2016
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